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This is the loveliest photo I’ve seen in a while. 

In honor of my temporary return to Tumblr (honor? that makes me sound rather egotistical), I have decided to say some words (okay, now that was just being silly), mostly to my friends from real life who are creeping me out with their posts of Korean celebrities. What is this? Deck my dashboard with photos of folly? But being the great and patient friend that I am (sarcasm? nahh…) I will learn to accept them for your sake. 

Anyway, as to this reblog (thank you Tumblr for putting your repost and like buttons so conveniently and temptingly in the way): first, I adore trailers. They can sometimes be even better than the movies themselves. Secondly, I like to flatter myself by thinking that I’ve been quite a cinema connoisseur as of late… except not really. But I can say that I’ve seen some really good Sundance films and a few really good German films about WWII (which has inspired me to learn German… at some point in my life). One of my New Year’s Resolutions (yet another fad that I tag along with) is to possibly start a vlog/ create more videos and maybe share them with the interwebs. I know, I know, a lot of “possibly”s and “maybe”s, but I will endeavor.

In the meantime, I bid everyone adieu— or rather, Grüß Gott! 


Three reasons why this year’s Sundance favourite Perfect Sense might actually be worth watching, despite being a romance:

One. The cast. Ewan McGregor and Eva Green as leads are inspired; they’re both incredibly talented and I haven’t yet seen a film either of them have starred in that hasn’t blown me away. Also, this film sees the return of Ewen Bremner as McGregor’s co-star; the last time they were seen together was in Trainspotting, and we all know how that turned out.

Two. Look at that trailer. OK, ignore Eva Green’s obviously-inserted words that probably aren’t even in the film itself, and it’s perfectly constructed - minimalist, not giving too much away, but at the same time intriguing. A lot of people are going insane in that film as an epidemic causes them to lose their sensory perception. Which is pretty fantastic setting in which to set a love story.

Three. The composer, Max Richter, has almost always done fantastic films, ranging from Shutter Island to individual tracks on The Night Listener and Stranger than Fiction. It’d be absurd to judge a film based on its composer (especially having not seen it), but this man has a great track record when it comes to scoring films.


I will be honest though, my PC can’t do that either. 





ohmygod hahaha


can it???

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This would be perfect next to all of the other super cool secret chambers in the basement of my dream house. 

This would be perfect next to all of the other super cool secret chambers in the basement of my dream house. 

I love pictures of wheat fields. 


a windmill (by harold.lloyd)

Is this supposed to be a sin/cos graph simulation? Because then it would be a pretty cute graphic.  



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This is a somewhat elucidating graphic. Still a little bit hard to grasp for me though. circlecirclecircle…

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If that is not the cutest thing…. 


i’m not in it to win it (by © Adrian Rahardja)

Happy Friday! Two more days until All Hallow’s Eve! 


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so artsy and fairy-like

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